Planet Suction Fan Based Mosquito Killer

The WEASY PLANET MOSQUITO KILLER is a breakthrough technology for eliminating mosquitos and other small airborne insects and pests from your environment. A stylish product that has been designed aesthetically for your home or office, yet delivering high performance when it comes to eliminating mosquitos.

The mosquito killer’s technology is based on two different stages, which eliminates mosquitoes, moths and small flies. First the Ultra Violet Light having a wavelength of 365 NM attracts mosquitoes towards the machine. As soon as the mosquitoes approach the machine, they are eliminated by the strong suction of the fan located inside which eventually air-dries the mosquitoes by creating a vacuum. The product is made up of high grade ABS and PET plastic. The Flytrap comes with a removable tray in which the debris is collected and can be cleaned from time to time. The UV light can also act as a soft night-light. The suction turbo fan design means that there are no chemicals involved in eliminating the mosquitoes hence making it very safe for especially pregnant women and infants.

Also sound produced from the fan is less than 30 DB resulting in sound sleep at night. The product is powered by a USB port and hence can be plugged into any wall socket with a USB pin it.

Model NumberMK - 300
Weight350 grams
Dimensions18 x 18 x 14 cm
Power SourceUSB Cabe
Batteries RequiredNo
Warranty6 months