Pax Norte Intelligent Exhaust

As we take around 25,000 breaths a day, we need to make sure the air we breathe is high in quality. Good air circulation at home prevents dampness and improves the quality of air we breathe. This is where Pax Norte comes into play - one of our smartest, most efficient and quietest exhaust fans ever.

Pax Norte works in silence and is as easy to install as a regular bathroom exhaust fan. Just take it out of the box, connect it and Pax Norte is ready to work. Pax Norte is extremely quiet and it's approved for use in damp rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Pax Norte was developed and is manufactured in Sweden.

Pax Norte also offers minimum energy consumption and is very easy to clean. A fan with unexpected possibilities : Pax Norte was developed for several markets other than just the household market. The integrated 12 volt input makes it possible to use the fan in boats and motorhomes, for example, without draining the batteries.

The app allows you to select several functions and make adjustments. When Pax Norte is delivered, it is preset to be an automatic bathroom fan. The fan's basic setting is for continuous operation at low speed with moisture and light sensors activated. This ensures constant healthy air circulation and a better indoor climate throughout the house. If you download the intelligent Pax app, you can unlock your Norte and get a whole range of different functions such as a smart calendar function, which allows you to activate your Norte according to which day it is or turn on the boost mode, airing function, constant flow or the option to simply use the fan as a heat distributor.



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